Time to say goodbye-for now

Well you guys, I guess it’s time to say goodbye for now! During this blogging challenge I have written nine posts and this will be my tenth. All ten of my posts have been for school because I haven’t had much time to write blogs about other things because I ride dirt bikes almost every weekend and two to three times a week. I think my most interesting post included my topic on snakes. I really enjoyed writing that post because I personally love snakes!

During the challenge I was forced to change themes because they were going to cancel the theme which made me a little frustrated. I switched from an amazing paintball dirt bike theme to a less exciting red and white theme but it’s not to bad. I have about five or so widgets such as the blogging challenge badge and other links to close friends which I think is enough. I haven’t really added any web tools to add flavor to my blog because I already think it’s awesome enough. Over these last two blogging challenges I think I have grown exponentially because I have learned to write longer and more heartfelt posts which I am very proud of.

Now I will be recording my close and amazing friend Paige on her first experience with my blog. Bold writing= Me – Kameron, Italic writing= Newcomer – Paige. “What were your first impressions of this blog?” “Oh well it’s very white, It’s also very sophisticated.” “What captured your attention?” “I have to say the widgets because they are so bright and colorful” “What distracted you on the blog?” “Haha I think that the white background is just to much because it’s well, just so bright!” “What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog?” “Maybe put some more passion into your posts? Haha I honestly can’t think of what to say because it seems to be pretty good already!”



Onomatopoeia Poem – The Punch

The fight came too fast…

Timmy versus Tommy in the world championships

Third round in just thirty seconds

was when Timmy threw the one punch that mattered

the one punch that would end everything

he threw a slow jab with a sick *CRUNCH*

then came the last strike which flew lightening fast

within the blink of an eye there was a deafening show stopping *CRACK*

that brought the world to a halt…

Personification- Dirtbikes

Their slow sweet purr

as I crank on the throttle

I feel myself accelerating with terrifying speed

while I shift through each gear

I can feel myself grin as I lower my bars into the corner

plowing through the silt and mud with such grace

I see a jump ahead and lean back

ready for take off I turn the bars sideways

throwing my back end far out


I still got some style

Snakes: A New Favorite Animal?

Snakes. They seem to be multiplying and everybody seems to want them as pets. Some are aggressive and poisonous while some are passive and harmless. Some people may be afraid of these majestic creatures, this is called Ophidiophobia. This phobia is one of the most common phobias around the world because, well let’s just say that snakes can be scary. All around on the internet you can find certain websites that can teach you ways to help overcome this phobia such as the link here. In all snakes can create one of three images for themselves, scary, majestic, and/or neutral.

I chose snakes to be the subject for my favorite animal post because they are amazing in my perspective. There are about three thousand snake species that are reported nonvenomous while around two hundred are considered endangering to the public. There are about twenty thousand deaths each year caused by snake bites. Although this is the reported amount, scientists and doctors estimate that about ninety-four thousand people die each year just alone in undocumented cases. Even though there are many snake bites each year, this does’t stop people from doing insane stunts and keeping them as pets. In my opinion, snakes are just insanely cool to me. They are excellent stalkers of their prey, some species can pack a incredible punch with their lethal venom, and best of all, how they do every thing so fluent where as other species

Snakes comes from the Old English word snaca. Snakes are mostly found in warm climates. They can be highly defensive if cornered and/or provoked to defend themselves. Snakes can vary from 10 centimeters long to a whopping 6.95 meters long. Unlike many other mammals, reptiles and such, snakes have organs that are lined up in a row where as other creatures have the side by side and so on. In other words, snakes can be dangerous or harmless, they can be scary or fun, and they can be terrifying or awesome. Either way every single person will have a different opinion about snakes, now what’s yours?









Ship Wrecked

We all seem like ship afloat

just drifting through open waters

Yet the waves of society seem to push us places we shouldn’t be

Waves full of hatred, love, and despair

Rumors and truths

and worst of all, lies

Yet after while some people hit land

they are able to get their feet on the ground

while some sink into the depths of drugs, guns, and prison

it’s up to us to decide if we hit land or if we sink to the bottom

it’s up to you to decide your future


Meeting New People!

Today I visited three different peoples blogs, here is what I found.

The first person I found was written by a girl named Alicia. She wrote amazing poem that tricked me into actually believing that I was at the beach in the tropics! She used a warm tropical picture that brought some aid to my imagination even though her adjectives were just so enticing that I could almost touch the white sand that she described. Check her out on her blog!

The next person I happened to come across was Kamen’s blog. I actually happened to just be scrolling down the blog challenge list and when I happened to see that he likes dirt bikes too in his hobbies list. The blog I chose from his blog was simple yet I felt it really showed one of his true passions that’s seeming to be a growing sport across the world! Check him out at Kamen’s blog!

Finally, I visited Avery’s blog, she wrote about how she would survive on a stranded island and how she would survive. She described the different things she would invent to make her stay at the island the most comfortable and safest possible for her and her family. I have to say my favorite part of the blog is when she says that she would find the cutest and safest animal and train it! Go check out her blog today! You can find her on the internet using this link now!


Finding a New Home for Me!


Honestly if I could travel anywhere throughout the world it would have to be Paris, France. I think I would like to go because I want to be able to see the catacombs and of course the Eiffel Tower. I just love the sort of vibe I hear about from friends and family. I mean haven’t you ever just wanted to go out  you superb hotel and immediately smell the sweet smell of croissants and french vanilla. I guess I just feel like that certain place just called out to me.

If I were able to go I would probably stay in the nicest hotel I could and probably stay on a budget for food because, well foods not THAT important. When I’m not sleeping or eating I would exploring. I would try to get permission to go explore the catacombs and go to the top of the Eiffel Tower. I would also travel through some of the museums and local areas that would let me sort of experience some of the culture that other tourists might skip or miss. In order to make sure I don’t miss to much, I might use some sites like Wikipedia to check out some of the culture and history of this awesome city.

If I knew that I could actually go to Paris, I would most likely start fundraising right away. I would mow lawns and try to get a small job that makes moderate pay. I would even try setting up some events that would be paris themed. I would maybe create a dance for schools where you could buy a photo or something that would be low cost for one person but when you have a great number of people partaking in the event I have set up, they would not only get a cool photo and such but they also might learn something new about Paris culture or they might even want to travel there on their own. Let me know where you would like to travel in the comments below!

Blog#5- Responding To My Friend

Dear Braeden,

If I could choose a tribute pair to be allies with, I would choose the same tributes you did because Chaff and his sister are highly skilled. If I could choose a tribute to stay alive, I would choose Gams because she was super nice and very crafty.

Blog #5-Motocross, The New Adrenaline Rush Sport?

Do you ever wonder about motocross? When motocross is mentioned people say “It’s not a sport.” or “It’s really easy.” while motocross is actually one of the hardest sports in the world. It takes pure muscle to be able to maneuver the bike the way you want or being able to lift the bike after you took a fall. Motocross  gives you an adrenaline rush, it gives you a feeling of freedom, to mix style with precision.

When I ride I usually like to ride with friends on private tracks or I take the fun on trails. I ride throughout Oregon, Washington and California. I love to race and compete in championships but I also practice a whole lot! When I feel that I need new gear or brand new quality bike parts I just drop by one of local sponsored dealerships located in cottage grove, named Cottage Grove Yamaha and Husqvarna! Where if you ride dirt bikes, quads, or any other offroad vehicles we got you covered for all your motorized needs!

One of my biggest “idols” you could say is James Stewart. He is able to start behind everybody during a race and catch completely back up to win the race. He is also one of the biggest contributors to the style many of us motocross riders attempt to imitate today. Throughout professional and ameture racing, there is one governing association called AMA that overlooks almost all races to make sure they follow through the guidelines that have been set. In all I think motocross is one of the best sports to be a part of in the world because anyone is welcome and it gives you a feeling that no other sport would ever be able to imitate. Ask yourself is what’s your favorite hobby or sport? Leave the answer in the comments below!