Meeting New People!

Today I visited three different peoples blogs, here is what I found.

The first person I found was written by a girl named Alicia. She wrote amazing poem that tricked me into actually believing that I was at the beach in the tropics! She used a warm tropical picture that brought some aid to my imagination even though her adjectives were just so enticing that I could almost touch the white sand that she described. Check her out on her blog!

The next person I happened to come across was Kamen’s blog. I actually happened to just be scrolling down the blog challenge list and when I happened to see that he likes dirt bikes too in his hobbies list. The blog I chose from his blog was simple yet I felt it really showed one of his true passions that’s seeming to be a growing sport across the world! Check him out at Kamen’s blog!

Finally, I visited Avery’s blog, she wrote about how she would survive on a stranded island and how she would survive. She described the different things she would invent to make her stay at the island the most comfortable and safest possible for her and her family. I have to say my favorite part of the blog is when she says that she would find the cutest and safest animal and train it! Go check out her blog today! You can find her on the internet using this link now!


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